A GROUP of senior citizens who meet in the Napier Hall every Tuesday in Old Kilpatrick are urging more residents to come and join them.

The Old Kilpatrick Seniors Club meets from 1pm to 4pm and aims to combat loneliness in the community.

It is an opportunity for older people across West Dunbartonshire to come together to socialise and enjoy the entertainment on offer, such as the full band which will be playing this week.

Chairman Ian Petrie said: “Our members are very loyal to the club and they all look forward to coming each week. Some tell us this is the only place they go to and quite a few get picked up with the My Bus.

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“At the club they look forward to meeting friends, having a chat and enjoying the entertainment which is different every week.

“We have piano players, guitars, banjo, ukuleles, accordions, singers and also on occasion play bingo and have a film show.”

Special occasions such as Burns Day, Easter and Hallowe’en are all celebrated by the club with a meal and twice a year there is a fish and chip day when the Cod Father comes to the hall and cooks to order.

In the summer, members also go for an outing and a meal, while at Christmas the club has a party in the hall and members are taken out for Christmas dinner with the club covering the cost. The club’s members’ contribution is £2 per week. For more information phone 0141 562 8252.