A LITTLE Bankie fighting to survive an aggressive brain cancer is to undergo radical proton therapy in the US.

Caleb Stirrat could travel to Florida as early as this weekend for up to three months of treatment in the hopes of pushing back the disease.

Clydebank has rallied around the Parkhall three-year-old, who was born with his sisters Poppy and Alyssia to IVF at 27 weeks, since the Post revealed the family’s struggles.

More than 9,000 has been raised already to support them as they care for the triplets through Caleb’s illness.

He has already had surgery and two sessions of chemo to combat the ATRT (atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour), a rare and fast-growing tumour of the brain and spinal cord.

Karen, mum to the triplets, told the Post Caleb was starting to find the chemo tough.

The 33-year-old said: “Caleb has had to stay in each time longer than expected due to a viral cold which he can’t seem to fully shift.

“This has resulted in him having temperatures and being re-admitted twice - he has only been home four days in last four weeks. He has had a blood transfusion to boost his blood cells.

“Proton therapy is more advanced than normal radiotherapy and in terms of success has a better quality of life as it doesn’t kill as many cells as normal radiotherapy. It pinpoints the area directly needing treatment using beams rather than x-rays.

“It would enable Caleb developmentally to hopefully go on to live as normal a life as possible with no damage to coordination, memory, cognitive skills and speech.

“At age of three, his brain is just developing and to receive normal radiotherapy could destroy the healthy cells needed to do this.”

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The NHS is covering flights and accommodation for the family to keep the triplets together and help his recovery.

Karen said: “We have noticed the difference ourselves. When we take the girls to visit and he is having a bad day he seems to find that inner strength and it’s like our Caleb is back - the smiley little happy boy he is.”

She added: “I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support, we are overwhelmed and have read every comment on our social media pages.

“Thanks for all the kindness that has been shown and we hope everyone can find it in their heart to support us again at our greatest time of need.”

Caleb’s aunts raised £258 in Glasgow city centre at the weekend as part of fundraising, and anyone wishing to help can get buckets from the Mack Hair Lounge in Clydebank.

To support Caleb and his family, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/caleb-stirrat.