A BELOVED dog was attacked in Clydebank leaving both the small pet and his owner terrified - as well as the pooch lucky to be alive.

The 71-year-old owner, who wishes not to be named, was walking his Miniature Pinscher on a lead at Dalmuir Golf Course before three “Husky type” dogs approached out of nowhere and attacked. There was no owner in sight.

Two golfers heard the elderly man shouting for help, before they came to the rescue and fought them off with their clubs.

One of the vicious dogs was said to have had the three-year-old Pinscher in its mouth and “shaking him like a rag doll.”

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The owner of the pet said: “Dog owners should be responsible for their pets by keeping them on a lead. After all, if it was not for his lead who knows what would have happened. More to the point, I am thankful that my five-year-old great granddaughter was not present as she would not have stood a chance, the dogs would have mauled her to death.”

The attack lasted just over three minutes before the dogs scattered, leaving both the owner and his dog shook up and injured.

The three-year-old pet received internal bruises to his neck and back which resulted in whiplash, and the 71-year-old was left with cuts and bruises to his hands, arms and ankle due to the savage attack.

The terrifying incident took place at the wooded area of the golf course, near the flats on Littleholm Place, at around 5.30pm on March 27.

He is now appealing to others in the town to ensure their dogs are kept on a lead because if his wasn’t, the result could have been much worse.

The 71-year-old added: “Dog owners, with or without children, please be extra careful. This has happened to me, it could easily happen to you.

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“I would like to thank those who came to my aid, and those who have supported me. I hope and pray that no one else goes through what I went through. I would urge all dog owners to keep their dogs on leads for their own safety.”

There have been a number of recent dog attacks in Clydebank and West Dunbartonshire.

In December, a woman told how her beloved pet was savaged by a Japanese Akita on Vanguard Street as she walked him along the street.

The family pet was left requiring surgery, and is now fearful of leaving the house.