ICE CREAM lovers in Clydebank can get their hands on some free Ben & Jerry’s today.

Thousands of scoops of ice cream will be given away across the UK on April 9 during the company’s annual Free Cone Day.

And Empire in Clydebank is one of the only places in Scotland where you can head to get your hands on any flavour from the menu, including the newest creations.

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Those ice cream lovers who find themselves in a cone-undrum over which flavour to choose can simply get back in line a second, or third, or fourth time.

Co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started Free Cone Day in 1979, as a way to say a big thank you to the community surrounding their very first Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont.

Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s CEO, said: “We’re nothing without our fans. This is one of our favourite days of the year. It’s a special tradition that’s all about showing the love for our flavour fans the best way that we know how.”