A THUG with a history of violence has been convicted of stabbing a man eight times in a brutal attack in Clydebank.

David Gallagher had denied wounding ex-squaddie Christopher Boyle using a six-inch kitchen knife strapped to his hand with duct tape.

Mr Boyle, who was chased into a Faifley garden as Gallagher repeatedly slashed and stabbed him, suffered multiple wounds on his legs and body, a court heard.

He needed emergency surgery for abdominal injuries and another operation to repair a kneecap tendon rupture.

Mr Boyle told a jury at the High Court in Livingston he had been left with permanent scars and still had mobility difficulties.

The jury took just over an hour to return a unanimous verdict finding 25-year-old Gallagher, of Watchmeal Crescent, guilty of assault to severe injury, permanent disfigurement and danger to life.

The assault took place at garages behind a property in Faifley Road and continued in the garden of a second Faifley Road home.

Mr Boyle said he was “having a carry on” by climbing on to garage roofs as he walked home with a female friend at around 3am on October 8, 2017 when Gallagher started an argument with them.

The next thing Mr Boyle remembered was waking up in Queen Elizabeth University Hospital with stab wounds to his torso, buttock, leg and hands.

He said post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered due his time in the Army meant he “blocked out” all memory of stressful situations.

He spent a month on active duty in Afghanistan on patrol with 5 Scots, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

After the attack, Mr Boyle picked out Gallagher from photos of suspects, telling detectives: “I am 100 per cent sure this is the male who stabbed me.”

In court he claimed he didn’t remember identifying Gallagher in hospital and again in a video identification parade.

The jury heard Mr Boyle told officers: “I felt him hit me in the stomach towards the left hand side. I then took a step back and he’s punched me again to the left-hand side.

“I then punched him. I floored him and stood over him telling him to leave and let us go home.

“He has then punched my leg, but it was agony and I’ve looked down and seen a knife. He has then stabbed me twice more in the leg.

“At this point I looked down and saw blood on my leg and realised I must have been stabbed in the stomach earlier when I thought he had punched me.”

He went on: “I started to run towards the white church and I was aware that the guy was chasing me.

“He was shouting that he was going to kill me. I jumped over the fence and used that as a barrier to defend myself.”

Mr Boyle was rushed to A&E at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital at 4.30am on October 8.

He believed he was stabbed 10 times though medical evidence in the trial said eight.

After the attack, someone named Gallagher had booked a taxi to pick him up in Watchmeal Crescent at 3.58am on the morning of the attack and take him to Drumchapel Road, where the accused’s girlfriend stayed.

In the days following the incident Gallagher split with his girlfriend, quit his job and changed his address.

Advocate depute Stuart Ronnie said: “I’d suggest that’s more circumstantial evidence of him getting out of the way.”

Following the guilty verdict, Mr Ronnie revealed Gallagher had been sentenced to 12 months in jail in 2012 for assault and robbery.

He was caged for 40 months in November 2014 for assault to severe injury, permanent impairment and danger to life using a hammer.

He was also sentenced to eight months in jail in March 2014 for carrying a machete in public.

He said: “Having regard to the serious nature of these offences, his record and the fact he was under some form of supervision at the time he committed this offence, I have to consider whether some form of post-release supervision is necessary in order to protect the public from the risk he poses.”

He called for a specialist risk assessment and adjourned the case until May 8.