On Wednesday, March 11, 2009, the Post reported...

A TV company is looking for Bankies to appear on one of the country’s most popular tea-time entertainment shows.

The Paul O’Grady show is to feature an item on the town’s Singer factory as part of a mini-documentary on the history of sewing, and is looking for former workers to take part.

Anyone with a connection to the factory is invited to apply for a spot on the famous O’Grady couch and travel to London to have a chat with Paul about their memories.

Mary Lynch, 81, has already been approached by West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC), which is working with Channel Four to draft in former workers.

She said: “I wasn’t too sure but then I spoke to my daughter about it and I think I would like to go. I think I would enjoy it as long as somebody was going with me.

“Sometimes I watch the Paul O’Grady show — although my husband is usually watching the Weakest Link on the other side.

“But I like Paul and I loved him when he was Lily Savage — he was absolutely fantastic.”

Mary believes a documentary on the Singer factory would be very interesting and would like to share her recollections of her time there.

She said: “I moved to Clydebank in 1955 and it was then that I started working in Singer. I stayed there until 1961, working in the transfer department.

“I had to check any transfers and make sure there were no holes or mistakes. I loved working there at the time. It was very important to Clydebank.”