Every picture, they say, tells a story - and here is the proof.

Youngsters around Clydebank had a flight of fancy on Thursday - World Book Day - by dressing up as their favourite fictional characters.

The kids let their imaginations run riot, and a magical array of storybook heroes was the result.

As part of World Book Day, which is an international charity, millions of £1 book tokens were distributed to children across the country.

Youngsters could exchange them at shops for one of 12 special £1 books.

As can be seen from our pictures, a diverse range of characters much loved books took the spotlight.

Thanks to mums and dads and everyone else who sent in the pictures, including Linnvale Primary School sent in a bumper bundle of shots showing pupils in a variety of brilliant costumes.

Sorry we can’t include them all, but there are more on our website if you visit clydebankpost.co.uk.