A MAN who committed various road offences has been given another chance to complete his community payback order.

John Brown, of Vanguard Street, drove without a licence, without insurance, and with no MOT in August 2016.

He was caught on Riddell Street and failed to give his identity to police and failed to provide a breath specimen.

On Wednesday, March 6, Brown appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for a community payback order review.

Previously, he was ordered to carry out unpaid work and attend appointments with a supervising social worker as a direct alternative to custody, but a report revealed he had failed to turn up on some occasions.

Defence lawyer Tom Brown told Sheriff William Gallacher: “He has been in touch with the social work department. He can’t go directly to you, the only person he can contact are the social work department and that’s what he’s done. He’s done the right thing.

“He’s been given an agreement, he could not do any more than two days a week and when he has not attended he’s given a reason and it’s been accepted.”

The sheriff replied: “He will not complete the hours if he makes the decision to go to work instead. If I sent him to jail, he would not be able to do a job at all.”

Mr Brown replied: “He is aware of that. I’m asking you to give him more time to complete it.”

The sheriff said: “I’m not prepared to give him more than four months.”

Mr Brown replied: “I’m asking you to allow him to complete it within the four months. He will need to make arrangements with the social work department for it to be completed.”

The sheriff said: “We’re almost at the second anniversary of this offence. I’m fed up with this.”

A further community payback order was set for April 8.