A DISABLED resident has slammed the council and his housing association for the trouble he has getting his bin emptied.

John Michael Stewart, 37, said he has witnessed the binmen “not doing their job properly” and “missing out certain bins” last week.

He is a tenant of Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) at a property on Bon Accord Square, where the 37-year-old lives himself with visits from support workers.

He said: “This is the fourth time this has happened. Some bins are sitting full and some are empty. Mine is sitting outside having not been done. Another disabled person I know hasn’t had theirs done either.

“It’s been going on for a couple of months now and this is the fourth time mine has not been emptied. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I have got to go outside on a stick and take my bin back in when it’s heavy and full of rubbish.”

Mr Stewart said he contacted West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) the morning the binmen had missed his bin and they told him he would have to wait another fortnight for his been to be emptied.

However, the council said they told him workers would return within three working days. When he went outside to take pictures of the bin to send to the Post the binmen had returned.

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Mr Stewart said: “They were saying, ‘Were you the one that made the complaint?’ They started giving me cheek. I actually felt intimidated.

“I think it was the threat of going to the newspaper that made them come back and empty it because this is the first time in all my complaints they’ve came back.”

A spokeswoman for WDC said: “We are sorry to hear that Mr Stewart is unhappy with the service he received. Refuse staff were unable to empty all bins in Bon Accord Square at once due to the collection vehicle being full.

“After the load had been emptied, they returned to the street to collect the remaining bins. Any concerns about employee behaviour should be reported to the council to allow us to investigate.”

Mr Stewart said he also contacted CHA about the issue as the bins sit in the housing service’s bin area.

He said: “I’m having to sit with my bin full. If I put any more rubbish out, I’ll get letters sent out to me. The housing refuse to help. They expect us to tidy it, brush it and clean it. When I phone they tell me to phone the council.”

A CHA spokeswoman said: “As bin collection is a council service, appropriate advice and assistance was given to the tenant on contacting the council.

"We have also contacted the council to make them aware of the issue. The tenant contacted us later in the day and advised us that the issue had now been resolved, with bins having been uplifted.”