Gil Paterson MSP is pleased with the response to the consultation on his proposal for a Bill on second post-mortem examinations ordered by the defence in cases of suspicious death.

Mr Paterson’s consultation, launched at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on January 10, seeks to reform the system of post-mortem examinations in murder cases.

It was inspired by the experience of the family of Paige Doherty after her tragic murder in 2016.

There have been more than 200 responses to the consultation, which closes on April 4, so far.

Mr Paterson told the Post: “The sheer volume of responses shows that this is an issue that people really care about.

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“Thankfully, it’s not an issue that affects a huge number of people but for those it does, the uncertainty about when their loved one’s remains will be returned can be overwhelming at one of the most difficult times imaginable.

“We must improve the situation for victims’ families and I am convinced that my proposal will make things clearer for them while, at the same time, safeguarding the rights of the accused to a fair trial.

“There have been separate proposals put forward by the Lord Advocate and the Faculty of Advocates.

“In my opinion they will complement the proposal in my Bill perfectly.”

You can read the MSP’s proposal and fill in the consultation survey through the Scottish Parliamentary website by visiting