DRUMCHAPEL youngsters had fun playing outdoors at a recent “Muddy Buddies” session.

The programme is designed to improve health and wellbeing, by encouraging children to learn outside.

It is a partnership between 3D Drumchapel, Chesters Nursery, Drumchapel Family Learning Centre and the Forestry Commission.

3D Drumchapel is a charity that offers a wide range of services in the area.

A group of children from each nursery, along with the nursery staff, are taken into the woods to play during Muddy Buddies, and at a session last month, the kids had fun playing in the only snow that has landed in the area this year.

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At Muddy Buddies weather is no barrier; wrapped up well, the kids love to get muddy in the rain, play in the snow or run around in the sunshine.

The woods are said to create a naturally nurturing environment to learn that engages with the imagination and when children are taken into the woods to play, a new world opens up for them.

Yvonne Hutcheson, of 3D Drumchapel, said: “Muddy Buddies is a great outdoor adventure, good for mind, body and development. We’ve seen kids who really struggle in the classroom growing in confidence to climb trees, get muddy and enjoying freedom to explore.”