Residents face a 3 per cent rise in council tax payments in Clydebank for the next financial year.

This decision was made by the ruling SNP administration at their most recent full council meeting on Thursday, February 14.

Residents will face the increase for their payments during 2019/20.

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The cost for band A properties will rise from £1,090 to £1,118-a-year, band B from £1,271 to £1,305, and £1,453 to £1,491 in band C.

Band D properties will see an increase from £1,635 to £1,678, band E will go up from £2,108 to £2,164, while band F, G and H will increase from £2,578 to £2,646, £3,074 to £3,156 and £3,809 to £3,911 respectively. Residents should be informed of the new bands in a few weeks’ time.

The full budget won’t be presented by the council until March 27.