GOING for a run at 5am, hitting the gym at 3pm, and then squeezing in a two hour boxing class at 7pm – anyone would be forgiven for thinking this routine takes up all of Caitlin Andrew’s time, but this is not the case.

Alongside her training, Caitlin also manages to fit in her studies at West College Scotland, two placements in a primary school and a part-time job, as well as any local boxing competitions which she is eligible to take part in.

Eighteen-year-old Caitlin is a highly-motivated athlete who has always had a keen interest in sports and fitness.

A ligament injury in 2015 cut Caitlin’s budding football career short and left her unable to exercise and unable to compete at a level she had done previously.

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Undeterred, Caitlin decided to take up boxing in order to regain some of her strength and fitness. Picking up the basics extremely quickly, Caitlin not only enjoyed boxing and everything that comes with it, but proved to herself and others in the sport that she is a natural.

Sticking at it, training hard and and putting in the hours, the teenager won her first fight just one year into the sport.

Fast-forward three years, and Caitlin is now the Scottish Boxing Champion.

Winning the title back in December, the youngster was delighted to be recognised in a sport which she has such a passion for.

Caitlin admits that she could not have got as far as she has without the support of the team at Planet Fitness in Dalmuir and her teachers and peers at West College Scotland. But it is her big sister, Margaret Tosh, who is Caitlin’s biggest inspiration, as well as her number one fan.

Margaret is also a boxer and is the club title holder. Caitlin admits that, without Margaret’s backing and encouragement, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Working towards a qualification in coaching and developing sport has built Caitlin’s confidence massively - one of the qualities which has allowed her to excel in the boxing world. Caitlin’s studies have also kept her fit and active, which has undoubtedly helped her boxing career. Describing her course as “really enjoyable”, Caitlin explains that it offers the chance to “always be doing something different”.

With the aim of becoming a professional boxer and a PE teacher, Caitlin is doing all the right things and networking with all the right people.