A LOCAL MSP has hit out at the SNP Government after they voted against plans to introduce tougher measures to punish incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Tory Maurice Golden backed plans by fellow Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP, Liam Kerr, that would have seen fixed penalty notices for antisocial behaviour increased to £100.

But SNP politicians voted against the measures in the Scottish Parliament, despite new figures highlighting more than 20 incidents each day taking place in West Dunbartonshire.

The figures were obtained from a Police Scotland Council Area Report. 

Mr Golden has called on SNP led West Dunbartonshire Council to urgently update their antisocial behaviour strategies, as required by law.

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They were last updated 10 years ago in 2009, and Mr Golden claims they are no longer fit for purpose.

He said: “It is clear that the SNP do not want to get tough on those committing antisocial behaviour offences.

“My colleague Liam Kerr’s plans to increased fixed penalty notices to £100 would have sent out a strong message to those disrupting our communities, but sadly the SNP did not back the proposals.

“With more than 20 incidents a day occurring in West Dunbartonshire, we need to take urgent action in order to make our community feel safe.

“Our elderly and vulnerable residents in particular feel intimidated by antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, unwanted noise and drunken behaviour.

“That is why SNP led councils must urgently update their antisocial behaviour strategies which are a decade out of date so we can tackle the scourge of antisocial behaviour at a local level.

“What might have worked a decade ago might not work now in tackling antisocial behaviour.

“And council strategies must reflect this as soon as possible.”