Edinbarnet Primary pupils are learning about the history of one of the world’s most famous ships.

Youngsters are studying the Titanic as a core topic in a town renowned for its own shipbuilding heritage.

P5 pupils learned about where the ill-fated liner was built in Belfast, how it was constructed, and the different elements of the ship.

“It’s difficult to learn about the Titanic because of the sad moments,” said JJ Laird, 11.

Mary Bayne, nine, said: “I enjoy it and I like the Titanic because when my mum was watching the film and told me about it, I thought it was very interesting.”

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Activities have included making models, painting, drawing and writing stories.

Pupils have also done presentations and Edinbarnet Primary hopes to bring in a special speaker to learn more.

There will also be a performance by pupils of music from the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film.

Mary added: “We did pictures of the Titanic and learned about the Industrial Revolution. Some of those big factories was where they built ships.”

P5 have also learned about note-taking using the Titanic project to create a fact file and improve literacy skills.

The Titanic sank in 1912 on its maiden voyage and the tragedy is being used to teach about feelings and how pupils can express themselves with sensitive topics.