FAIFLEY looks set to get a new Skypoint and library if council plans get the green light.

The idea of a replacement for the community centre was first raised as library hours were dramatically cut for the area more than a year ago.

But now West Dunbartonshire Council officials have recommended there be an “aspiration” in their plans for a new community centre.

The library was based in Skypoint until it was closed under the previous SNP administration in 2010, then opened by Labour at the back of Edinbarnet Primary in 2012.

Faifley Library was branded the most costly by council officers because of the low use and they slashed hours from 37 per week to just 15.5.

The SNP-led council said it was the library’s location that contributed to its limited use by the public and dangled the prospect of moving it back to its original location.

There is nothing in the papers for next week’s corporate services committee on what the new centre would include, nor its library hours.

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Skypoint currently hosts Spark of Genius amongst its tenants, a school for up to 45 pupils with “complex educational social, emotional and behavioural needs”.

The report states: “Relocating this tenant to a new Skypoint Centre building with a similar set up is likely to lead to significant costs to the council for no additional benefit.”

If councillors on corporate services agree next week, the project would go to the infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee, then planning.

Tricia Lorimer, vice-chairwoman of Faifley Community Council, said: “We would definitely welcome a new Skypoint and library as Skypoint is a great facility, but with the building being so old it doesn’t get used for many community uses.

“We would hope, if it does go forward, that we could help with ideas that the Faifley community would want the building to include.

“Hopefully this would also encourage more small businesses to rent rooms within the building, bringing more services to our area.

“The library within the building is definitely needed as this was moved out of Skypoint and is based behind Edinbarnet Primary which causes problems for some people to access it with the steep hills.

“We would also hope if it was moved back to Skypoint, that the hours would be reinstated to every week day with better opening times as it was drastically cut last year.”

But Kilpatrick councillor Lawrence O’Neill said he was disappointed the plan appeared to be for just a library service, not a new library.

He said: “Whilst I welcome any or all investment in Faifley as a local member, I am bitterly disappointed and I’m sure I echo the thoughts of many local residents that this proposal kicks the plan into the long grass.

“I was worried that a decision was being made on the back of a cigarette packet and the guarantee of it being included in 2019/20 budget was at best wishful thinking or at worst indicative of how this administration treats my constituents.”