A THIEF who stole a car from a Drumry street has been told he must stay out of trouble for another two months before he finds out his fate.

Ryan O’Neil’s solicitor told a court hearing her client was anxious to have a sentence imposed so that he was no longer in any doubt about his fate.

But the 25-year-old was told he’ll have to keep his nose clean until April before sentence is passed.

O’Neil, of Hood Street in Clydebank, had previously admitted a charge of stealing a motor vehicle from Garscadden View on November 24, and sentence was deferred until Friday for a background report on his circumstances.

Asking for a punishment to be imposed in the form of a community payback order, O’Neil’s solicitor told Dumbarton Sheriff Court: “Sentence in this case was deferred for a supplementary social work report – and it’s a very positive report.

“The social worker has spoken of Mr O’Neil’s genuine insight into his offending. He has taken the opportunity given to him on the last occasion.

“He is keen to engage and to get on with his life, and he is keen to have an end of some sort to this.

“He tells me the uncertainty of this matter is making him quite anxious, and that he is constantly worried about what is going to happen to him in court.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry replied: “He doesn’t need to worry as long as he keeps doing well.”

Turning to address O’Neil directly, the sheriff added: “The steps being taken to try to address your long-standing, and deeply entrenched, problems are working – at the moment.

“This is a genuinely good report. I want to see the same in a couple of months’ time – and if that is the case, and your solicitor renews her request that I deal with this by the imposition of a non-custodial sentence, you will find that she’s pushing at an open door.”