Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attended an event in Clydebank at the weekend as reports emerged of dropping local membership.

Mr Corbyn was meeting prospective parliamentary candidates for the next Westminster election at the Golden Jubilee, including Jean Anne Mitchell, who will fight for the West Dunbartonshire seat.

But our sister paper, the Herald on Sunday, reported that leaked membership numbers showed a drop of 10 per cent (32 members) in Clydebank and Milngavie, and 22 people in Dumbarton.

Clydebank’s total members remain about 100 higher than in 2012, according to the leaked tables.

Sources told the Herald the dip was linked to members signed up by Anas Sarwar during the last leadership election for Scottish Labour as well as antisemitism controversies last year.

A spokesman for the local party said: “Membership has increased here since the 2014 referendum and the local party are enthused and ready to fight and win the next election.”

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Ms Mitchell said: “I was delighted to welcome Scottish Labour’s Westminster Candidates to my hometown of Clydebank. Jeremy Corbyn discussed the next election, and how Labour will represent the many, not the few.

“People in Clydebank tell me that they are fed up of Conservative and SNP austerity whether it be at council or government level.

“They recognise that only a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn will deliver for workers and trade union rights, stand up for local council services, transform out economy to work for small business, put back into public ownership our railways and Royal Mail, and make the rich pay their fair share for our cherished public services.“Whenever an election is called, I am ready to give it everything to turn Clydebank red again.”