Thursday, February 5, 2004

AS THE battle to save the Queen Mother’s Maternity Hospital rages on some Bankies fear the consequences of closure could prove fatal.

This week a Linnvale mum told the Post that she believes her daughter’s life was saved by the hospital and its staff.

Mum-of-two Laura Dowden said that if her daughter Stephanie, now three, had been born in the Southern General, a life-saving scan would not have been available.

Laura gave birth to her baby girl three months prematurely as midwives were fearful that if they didn’t make an emergency delivery the tot would not survive.

Laura said that her little girl had to wait three days before being moved for a scan because of breathing problems.

She told the Post: “Laura was on what they call minimum handling and they had to wait three days before they could move her to Yorkhill for the scan she needed. She was only away for 15 minutes because she stopped breathing several times. If she had been born in the Southern she would never have made it.”

Agnes Duncanson, Stephanie’s gran, added: “If it wasn’t for the Queen Mother’s I don’t know what would have happened. Stephanie died twice but they managed to resuscitate her.”

Stephanie had to be delivered early and because of complications with Laura and had to remained in the Queen Mother’s for more than three months.

Now the tot is receiving yearly check-ups which her 27-year-old mum fears could be difficult if plans to axe the Queen Mum’s go ahead.

“I don’t drive so it will not be easy for me to get to the Southern with Stephanie,” said Laura.

“I have spoken to people who have to go there just now and it takes them an hour and a half.”

Stephanie’s care in hospital has prompted Laura to change careers and give something back.

She said: “I have just started training to be a midwife because I have seen what a difference they make.

“Stephanie still receives a birthday card and Christmas card, every year, from one of the midwives and that is really nice. “And it is things like that that make such a difference.”

Stephanie now has a younger brother and despite the tough start, she is a lively little girl, but her parents know that if it hadn’t been for the Queen Mother’s she wouldn’t be here today.