A CLYDEBANK thug who brutally slashed his ex-lover and her boyfriend following a row about a phone charger has been jailed for five-and-a-half years.

Derek Hunter left Michelle Graham and Paul Kane scarred for life after attacking them with a Stanley knife last September.

The 39 year-old was today sentenced after earlier admitting assaulting both victims to their permanent disfigurement.

Lord Clark told Hunter the jail term would have been seven years and four months, but for the guilty plea.

Miss Graham and Mr Kane had been at a friend's home in the town.

Hunter – who lived downstairs – was already there when they arrived.

Miss Graham had previously dated Hunter. At the time of the attack, she had been seeing Mr Kane for a month.

The court heard Mr Kane was known by the nickname Benbo.

Prosecutor Liam Ewing said the group initially chatted at the flat before Hunter left.

He added: “Paul Kane had borrowed a mobile phone charger from Hunter and agreed to return it later that evening.”

The couple later went to bed after planning to stay overnight at their friend's.

But, Hunter turned up again and yelled through the letterbox: “If I don't get my charger, Benbo is going to get done.”

The woman who lived there slightly opened the door before the thug stormed in.

He pulled a Stanley knife from his pocket, went into the room where the couple were and leapt onto the bed.

Hunter screamed: “See you Benbo, I've f****** had enough of you.”

Mr Ewing: “He then repeatedly struck Paul Kane to the face and body with the Stanley knife.

“He also struck Michelle Graham on the leg. He then jumped off the bed and ran out the flat.”

The bleeding victims ended up in hospital with Mr Kane suffering three slash wounds.

One at his stomach area was described as “deep”. Miss Graham was also treated for wound on her thigh.

Hunter was held after he handed himself into police days later.

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The judge heard Hunter already had a violent past including a high court conviction for assault and robbery.

Tony Lenehan, defending, said Miss Graham had not been Hunter's target.

The lawyer added: “He bears her no malice and she was not the person that lead to the inflamed emotion.”

Hunter will be supervised for a further three years on his release.

Lord Clark told him: “You have served a number of custodial sentences and it is disturbing to note they have had no impact on your behaviour.”