AN ELDERLY Clydebank resident has expressed her thanks to a charity that has helped retain her independence whilst she lives at home.

Eighty-two-year-old Elizabeth Briant, from Linnvale, has praised Lomond and Clyde Care and Repair.

The charity operates throughout West Dunbartonshire to offer independent advice and assistance to help homeowners repair, improve or adapt their homes so that they can live in comfort and safety.

Tradesman have replaced Elizabeth's broken doorbell, taken old curtains down and put her new ones up, put stuff up in the loft because she can’t get up to do it herself and fixed a broken slab on her path, to name just a few things.

Elizabeth said: “The things Care and Repair have done for me is unreal, they have been helping me for the past four or five years and I’m so glad. It's all free, but you can give a donation.

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“My daughter works full time, so she’s not got the time. My sink was leaking, and they helped sort that.

“My cupboard has had loads of stuff in it for years and the man sorted it all and took the rubbish out for me. I never would have got that stuff out myself.

“They’ve been so good, nothings too much for them. A few years ago, they painted my hall and bedroom.

“Without Care and Repair I don’t know what I would have done, they help me with everything in the house.”

The charitable organisation's main aim is to help residents across West Dunbartonshire feel safe and secure in their own home.

Elizabeth Eadie, service manager, said: “Sometimes we can take simple things such as changing a light bulb for granted and not give it a second thought, but for some people in our communities it’s a real struggle.

“By preventing people from attempting to climb on chairs or ladders we are helping cut the risk of them having a fall and ending up in hospital so we are helping clients retain their independence

which is important to us.

“Our tradesmen are also chosen because they are not only skilled at what they do but also because they have empathy with our clients and that’s important too.

“We don’t want people to ever get caught out by a bogus caller, or a someone who is going to take advantage and so we are proud to be on hand to offer help and support.”

Lomond and Clyde Care and Repair also offers a home safety security audit in the home to help find any hazards in the home.

The team will identify any potential hidden safety or security problems and help to address them as well as liaise with other organisations such as the fire service to carry out any necessary safety checks in the home.

For more information, or to make a donation, call 01389 734188.