WEST Dunbartonshire Council is set to extend its online service which allows parents and carers to pay for school meals and activities. 

ParentPay is already in place at some primary schools in Alexandria and this month, is being rolled out to the remainder of primary and secondary schools in Alexandria and Dumbarton.

It will be phased into Clydebank at a later date.

The service allows users to make payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location using a secure online account.

This removes the need for parents and carers to provide dinner money to pupils each day, and for young people to carry large sums of cash to school to pay for trips or activities.

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Councillor Karen Conaghan, convener of educational services, said: “Parents recognise the online service as a really convenient and secure way to pay for school services. 

“Those with more than one child at school, or children at other ParentPay schools, can create a single account that will cover all of them.

“Not only does this new service remove the stress of searching for school dinner money each day, it also prevents young people carrying large sums of money to school.” 

Jane Wight, one of the first parents to sign up to ParentPay, says she would highly recommend the new online payment system to other parents and carers.

Jane’s daughter Lucy, who is at Bonhill Primary School, was impressed with the site.
She said: “I found the log on process very straight forward and also very secure with several checks required before you can log on to the system.

“I have used the system to pay for various things at the school including trips, and school dinners, and I would always worry that Lucy would lose the money, but ParentPay takes away that fear.”

For more information, call 01389 737309 or visit parentpay.com.