A SHERIFF has warned a Clydebank man he has “one final chance” to co-operate with the preparation of background reports for the court - or face being hauled off to jail.

Gavin Shaw, 24, of Brunswick House, Mountblow, assaulted a woman on July 6, 2017, at his home.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard last Friday how he pushed the woman on the body causing her to fall down a step.

At the time, Shaw was also on bail following an order imposed on him on November 18, 2016, at the same Sheriff Court.

But his lawyer, Gail Campbell, told the court that social work reports called for had not been prepared despite admitting that her client had been sent, and received, a letter to attend an appointment with social workers.

Campbell said: “The court would have every right to remand him, and he knows that. But he asks for one final opportunity to comply.”

Sheriff Simon Pender, sentencing, issued Shaw an ultimatum.

The law man said: “No excuses this time. If you don’t comply you will be jailed.”

Sentence has been deferred on Shaw until February 1 when he will appear back in the dock.

For the meantime, bail was continued.