ASDA Clydebank and Drinkaware are working together to provide free information and advice on alcohol to the local community.

The UK’s leading alcohol education charity provides honest information, advice and tips to help people make informed decisions about alcohol.

The event takes place at the store on both Friday 11 and Friday 18 January, and will run from 11am to 5pm, (with a short break at 2pm).

A Drinkaware stand will be set-up to give customers the opportunity to access friendly advice and to ask questions.

Customers will be able to talk to ambassadors to discuss any concerns they have about their own or family members’ drinking.

The 2019 partnership builds on a successful 2018 event which saw Drinkaware engage with more than 7,000 Asda customers.

This year will see a particular focus on drink free days to highlight that having more of these can improve health and reduce risks of serious long-term conditions.