Considering Jessie Bradshaw took up ballet at the age of 99, her 100th birthday was a doddle.

The centenarian was the centre of attention recently when she marked the milestone surrounded by family and with a visit from Provost William Hendrie and Deputy Lieutenant Owen Sayers.

Born in Clydebank on December 22, 1918, Jessie McDowall grew up with her parents, three brothers and two sisters and loved the company of people as a result.

Like the rest of the family, she ended up working in Singers when she left school but later moved to Barr and Stroud for the war effort during the Second World War.

It was during the war she met future husband Harry, who was from Bolton and enlisted with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

They met at a party and Harry walked from his base at Hoganfield Loch to see that Jessie was okay during the Clydebank Blitz.

Daughter Janet told the Post: “Just before he was posted abroad, Harry had written to Jessie to tell her. Jessie travelled to Crieff to see Harry before he left.

“She had no idea where he was stationed in Crieff, but fate determined that his regiment marched past Jessie and a kind sergeant let Harry fall out. The rest is history.”

Robert and Janet were born after the couple settled in Bolton and were joined by Ian when they returned to Scotland.

After a period as a housewife and wowing everyone with homemade pies, she returned to working life in Lewis’s in Glasgow.

She ended up working until she was 61 because she had lied about her age at her interviewed because she worried they might think she was too old to employ.

But retirement didn’t bring rest and she spent time gardening and doting on two grandchildren.

Jessie and Harry spent more time seeing the world including holidays in Germany, Jersey and Italy, and a two-month stay in Japan visiting Janet.

The Mountblow resident still takes part in a vitality class, the Every Voice Choir and creative dance classes from Scottish Ballet.

Janet said of the great grandmother: “The church has always been a large part of Jessie’s life where she has made many lifelong friends.

“In retirement, for many years she played an active part in the running of her church, arranging the flowers and even on the rota for cleaning. She was always an active member of the Mothers’ Union too.

“Jessie has always enjoyed singing and dancing throughout her life and she still does today. She loves going to her choir and taking part in the practices and the concerts.

“Not many people take up ballet classes at 99, but Jessie is one of them.”

Janet added: “She loves the company of everyone, especially children, and that’s what she enjoyed the most about the day.”