A PUPIL from St Peter the Apostle High School has been selected to represent Scotland at international level.

Dylan Coll, 17, will pull on his footy boots for the Scottish Schools’ FA Boys’ International Under 18 Squad, 2018-19.

Prior to his inclusion, he was judged on his performance in numerous Scottish Cup ties, area trials and then a final trial before selectors chose him to take part in the Centenary Shield competition.

The keen footballer told the Post he was delighted when he found out he had secured a place on the team.

He said: “I was buzzing. It was brilliant. It was a challenge because there’s a lot of good players that didn’t make it.”

The talented youngster is captain of his school team and plays for Clydebank Football Club at U19s level.

Under-19s coach Bill Reside said: “He’s a class young man to work with. He’s never missed a session, and we’re all excited for him.”

Bill also spoke of the positive effect Dylan’s accomplishment has had on the team, adding: “It boosts everyone around him. There is pressure on young people. They have all different commitments.”

Dylan hopes this achievement will lead to bigger and better things.

He said: “I’ve been playing football since I could walk. Football’s always been my dream. I was hoping this could be a stepping stone.”

The centre-back started out at Westerton United FC before going through youth academies at both Clyde FC and Partick Thistle.

Last year, he was chosen to participate in the trial for the 2017-18 international squad, but didn’t manage to progress any further.

Reflecting on his previous failure, and how he turned rejection into something positive, he said: “I wasn’t physical enough. But this year I wanted it more.”

He is currently enjoying his second season at Clydebank and took on a part-time job at Christmas.

However, he is determined not to let anything get in the way of his footballing career.

Dylan said: “I always find the time for training.

“I’ve got a part-time job for Christmas, but my manager is good when it comes to training. If I miss training, it’s not good for anybody.”

Dylan is one of just 18 boys from schools across the country who were chosen for this year’s Scottish Centenary squad.

The team will play a friendly against Australia on January 23, before heading to Northern Ireland for another match a few weeks later in March.