THE future of the new opening bridge from Clydebank to Renfrew could hinge on a group of councillors meeting in February.

West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee - who had objected to the bridge - was given a report last week summarising the approval for the project by the Scottish Government.

But the roads portion of the plan - which remains contentious for the effect it will have on Dumbarton and Glasgow Road - has to be approved by the infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee. If they objected, the bridge could go to a public inquiry and delay progress for a year.

Traffic could increase by 48 per cent on Yoker Mill Road, and that was projected before the new Lidl opened in Yoker.

It would even be possible for Renfrewshire Council, who are leading the project, to take over responsibility for roads around the bridge if there is no deal with West Dunbartonshire.

Local councillors remain split over the bridge. Councillor Marie McNair said it was going to have an “adverse effect” on the community, particularly on traffic and the economy.

“I don’t see any benefit,” she added.

But Councillor Gail Casey said it would help those coming to West College Scotland or going to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

“I was in agreement with the bridge so I’m quite happy to see that as the outcome,” she said.

Councillor Karen Conaghan said the decision had been made by the government so “we have to get on with it and mitigate the impact on our network and the shopping centre”.