THE countdown to Christmas is moving closer, with final preparations well underway across Clydebank and north-west Glasgow.

In particular, for local children, Christmas offers the chance to see what Santa leaves and to spend some quality with family and friends.

As part of our festive preparations, the Post travelled to Clydemuir Primary to speak with pupils to ask what they look forward to at this time of year.

Madyson Hepburn, 10

Clydebank Post:

MADYSON has written to Santa and asked him to get her an iPad and money for Christmas this year. With the money she receives she plans to go clothes shopping for herself and then for a McDonald’s. She told the Post: I’m looking for ward to Christmas to open all my presents and to go to my dads for my Christmas dinner.”

Charlie Sommerville, 7

Clydebank Post:

CHARLIE is looking forward to Christmas so he can wake his “very lazy brother” up and see what his Elf on the Shelf gets up to. He told the Post: The other day it got my mum’s wool and tied himself to the lamp.” LED lights and a new chess board was on his list to Santa this year. Charlie said: “I’m pretty good at playing chess.”

Bethan McCabe, 10

Clydebank Post:

BETHAN is looking forward to Christmas so she can be with all her family. One thing she has asked Santa for this year is money. Bethan told the Post: “Every year my dad has to go through the bin because I leave my money in envelopes and they end up in the bin.” She is also looking forward to opening her presents.

Maisie McCarthur, 6

Clydebank Post:

MAISIE is so excited for Christmas she told the Post she was going to wake up at 12 o’clock at night. She is looking forward to waking her sister up and checking to see if Santa and the reindeer eat the biscuits and carrots she leaves out for them. One of the things on Maisie’s Christmas list to Santa this year is new clothes.

Christopher McFadden, 8

Clydebank Post:

CHRISTOPHER is looking forward to seeing what new clothes he gets for Christmas. He told the Post he has not written his Christmas list yet but has asked Santa for clothes and money. With the money he gets he plans to buy more clothes. Ch r i st opher a l so wants to spend some money on Fortnite for his Xbox.

Layla Adair, 9

Clydebank Post:

LAYLA loves Christmas because she gets to spend time in the snow and sometimes doesn’t have to go to school because of it. She has asked Santa for a laptop and vouchers for Google Play. Layla told the Post: “I like when everyone does secret Santa because it is really fun. I got my Dad last year. If it snows on Christmas I want to go out sledging.”