A DALMUIR author has told the Post of his excitement at seeing his fifth book published.

David P. Sloan’s new novel, Go To Sleep: Haunted, was launched on Sunday, November 30.

It is the authors fifth book release and is a return to his horror trilogy, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep 2 and Go To Sleep 3: The Final Conflict, which tell the story of three killers who roam Clydebank on a mission to destroy anyone in their way until all turns on its head and they start facing each other.

The 38-year-old, who attended Drumchapel High and Clydebank College to study computing, also published a standalone book last year – Storm of the Dead – that features Drumchapel.

The author said he was more excited for this year’s release as he got to re-visit the trilogy that he described as his “baby”.

David told the Post: “I love writing as it takes me away from this world into my own wonderland so to speak. I love the fact I can come up with crazy stuff and go ‘it’s all make believe thankfully.’

"I base my books in Clydebank as it’s the place I live. It’s so historic and literally known worldwide from John Brown’s shipyard to the Titan Crane. It’s perfect as a setting for novels.

“My inspiration comes from everyday things. I might see something on TV or out and about and straight away my brain comes up with a scenario, so grabbing pen and a paper, or my laptop, I start to create a new world.”

The new book is an indirect sequel to Go To Sleep 2 that tells the tale of a new dream that turned into a nightmare beyond imagining.

David described it as “the spellbinding story and next chapter in the Go To Sleep series - the story of a house possessed by spirits, and haunted by psychic phenomena too terrible to describe.”

The father of three, who spends much of his spare time writing when not at work, is already working on another horror, Go To Sleep: Cannibal, an indirect sequel to Go To Sleep 3: The Final Conflict, that will feature Old Kilpatrick.

Search Amazon for ‘Go To Sleep: Haunted’ to order a copy of the book.