West Dunbartonshire opposition councillors last week failed in a bid to save 45 jobs which could be slashed due to austerity.

The local authority must trim £2million from their budget - but the attempt to preserve the under threat positions was unsuccessful.

A motion was tabled by the opposition leader, Labour councillor Martin Rooney, who claimed the jobs under threat could be saved.

The amendment read: “We call on the leader of the council, Councillor Jonathan McColl, to go back to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Derek Mackay, and tell him that West Dunbartonshire Council will not accept another year of SNP cuts.

“The only way that this council’s financial situation will improve is through fair funding from the SNP Government.”

But it was thrown out by the ruling SNP administration, who agreed to support the long term financial strategy, including the council reserves and projections in relations to funds for between 2019/20 to 2021/22.

It did, however, offer an assurance there would be no compulsory redundancies.

Labour’s financial convener, Councillor David McBride, then asked Councillor Ian Dickson: “Could the convener who made this report tell us how these figures were arrived at? All public services are on their knees, it can’t go on. We are sick of it, we want no more cuts.”

Cllr Dickson replied: “There will no compulsory redundancies.”

Former Provost, Councillor Douglas McAllister then said: “Effectively the SNP administration are making £2 million in cuts tonight, unless we as a council rule them out.

“Can Cllr Dickson explain how we save £2 million?”

Cllr Dickson replied: “I’m really struggling. A restructure is just that - a restructure.”

Cllr Rooney then called on council leader Jonathan McColl to “go and get a better deal from the Scottish Government.”

He said: “It’s his job to stand up for the people of West Dunbartonshire and tell the Governement we reject austerity. It’s disappointing we’ve heard nothing from the two Tories in the chamber in this debate.”

SNP councillor Iain McLaren moved a motion against Cllr Rooney’s amendment, which saw it defeated 11-9.