A GROUP of talented writers from Dumbarton and Clydebank have published their first anthology.

Hooked On Writing contains a mixture of poems and short stories which focus on a variety of themes and subjects but most are rooted in Scottish culture.

Co-author Christine Robertson said: “We’re new writers, and this is our first anthology. We all enjoy writing and wanted to put something into a book, so we each chose three pieces of work we really liked.

“There’s some writing in Scots dialect, and we’ve got a lot about Glasgow and Clydebank. There are poems and short stories about life in general and things people do, and thoughts on childhood in the old days.”

Christine describes the collection as “eclectic”, with a serious piece on the tragedy of homelessness being contrasted with a funny poem about the “curse” of being a ginger.

The title of the book comes from the group’s origins in Clydebank. The cover photo, taken by group member Colin Middlemiss, features the title being hooked onto the end of the Titan Crane.

The writers meet at Dalmuir Library each Thursday from 1.30-3.30pm. The anthology is priced at £4, but Christine states that money isn’t the purpose of publishing it.

“We’re selling it for our group’s funds,” she said. “We’re not really making money off it. It’s not a money-making exercise.”

Christine added, “it’s just to give people a chance to look at our writing.”

Contributor Jill Smith said: “To finally see your work on the printed page means a lot. We put so much effort in but to actually format it and edit it and get it to this stage is quite an achievement. We’re quite pleased. It’s taken a long time.”

To buy a copy, leave a request at Dalmuir Library and the group will arrange a sale. New members are welcome to join in the group’s sessions at the library every Thursday from 1.30pm.