A CLYDEBANK man who attacked a shopper in the town’s Asda store yelled at a sheriff as he was led away to start a jail sentence.

John Gray, of Peel View, North Drumry, assaulted the man on January 5 by trying to punch him on the head. Gray was on a court bail order at the time.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on Friday that the 39-year-old then lied to police, giving a false name and date of birth in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Gray also committed offences on May 29, 2016, when he groped one 15-year-old girl and made sexual comments to another.

He was spared jail, and was instead placed on a community payback order as an alternative to prison.

The Asda case has been dragging on since May, when Gray pleaded guilty to the charge.

Prosecuting fiscal depute, Emma Thomson, told the court last week: “The incident at Asda happened at 11.15pm. A security guard pulled a witness away to prevent Gray from physically connecting with him.

“When police spoke to him and asked for his details he hesitated when giving them the information. He was taken to Clydebank police office where he maintained the false details. A check revealed his true identity.”

Defence lawyer Douglas Thomson said: “He is resigned to his fate and will come out with a clean slate. He is realistic as to what the sentencing options are.”

Sheriff Simon Pender, who revoked a previous community payback order, told Gray: “You are the architect of your own misfortune. I take into account the time you have spent on remand.”

Gray was jailed for 10 months, backdated to September 27.

As he was led away, he yelled: “This is a f****** joke”.