A BAFTA-nominated film and design studio based in Clydebank will be screening their debut feature film in Glasgow next week.

Super November was produced, directed and edited by Douglas King of 14c Studio and will be played at the Glasgow Film Festival on Monday, November 26.

It will also be played at a variety of locations across the UK including the Prince Charles Cinema in London and the Filmhouse in Edinburgh.

The screenplay was produced by comedian and writer Josie Long, who also stars in the film alongside Sean Biggerstaff, James Allenby-Kirk and Darren Osborne.

Douglas said: “We’ve made a hugely ambitious film for £4,000. It’s more like two films in one - the first a relationship comedy and the second a political film in the vein of Costa-Gavras’ Missing.

“It’s firmly tongue in cheek, but our intention was to explore the personal and the political, and how in a time of individualism we can’t escape the political impact on our lives.

“Everyone involved with the film is proud of our huge effort in overcoming the time and money limitations. We managed to assemble an incredible cast.

“The story is incredibly ambitious, but we wanted to try to say something exciting. When we finished shooting the first half, the very next day was Brexit. We finished the second half on the day Trump was elected.

“It’s our first film and we’ve approached it very much in the Joe Swanberg ‘learn by doing’ school of thought.”

The studio at Clydebank Business Park was founded in 2009 and the staff work with various charities, schools and businesses to help tell their stories through design and film.

Last year, in partnership with Clydebank youth charities Y Sort It and Fresh Creations, a re-make of The Hunger Games was created with 48 young people from West Dunbartonshire. A much darker, more sinister film was produced and screened at Empire Cinema, Clydebank, in front of a packed crowd.

For more information or to get tickets visit the 14c Studio Facebook Page.