A CLYDEBANK charity that supports visually impaired people is updating its technology thanks to the help of the Rotarians.

Bankie Talk, described as a “talking newspaper”, record articles and events from the Post to prevent blind and partially sighted residents become isolated from community news.

The Clydebank Rotary Club were “delighted” to hand over a £1,000 donation to the charity raised from raffles, donations, events and a grant from the Rotary Foundation.

Carol Ann Gallagher, chairwoman of Bankie Talk, accepted the donation on behalf of the charity and Provost Hendrie attended to congratulate some of the team of dedicated volunteers.

Wendy Cannon, treasurer of the charity, told the Post: “With all charities, money is a problem. We are very grateful that the club think about us as it keeps the service running. We know exactly what we are going to do with the money.”

Three copies of the Post are provided to the charity each week, which they convert to audio for more than 100 clients.

Wendy added: “We need to keep up to date with technology as much as everyone else. We are slowly moving on to memory sticks rather than CDs and this is what the money will be put towards.

“It will take us a number of years, but it will save the charity money in the long run as the memory sticks can be wiped and used again, unlike the CDs which we need to keep buying.

“A high percentage of our clients are elderly, so we are supplying them with the technology to use the memory sticks and showing them how to work everything.”

An audio library with thousands of titles is being transferred to memory sticks and an additional donation of £1,000 will be handed over to Bankie Talk after a raffle held at the Rotarians 50th anniversary dinner on October 26.

To find out more contact info@bankietalk.com.