A CLYDEBANK man trashed an ambulance and “terrorised” paramedics into locking themselves in the back in fear for their safety, a court has heard.

Stephen Morgan, 34, of Crown Avenue, Radnor Park, went on the rampage on February 14, 2018, at Kilbowie Road, near to Radnor Street.

Morgan pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last Tuesday. He behaved in a threatening or abusive manner.

Prosecutor Joanne Gilmour told the court the two paramedics were trying to attend to Morgan when he attacked.

She said: “At 12.52am an ambulance was called [via] 999 call to attend at Kilbowie Road. When it arrived he immediately began demanding morphine from the paramedics for a dislocated shoulder and to be taken to hospital.

“He was told he had to be examined before they could do anything, but he continued to argue, shout and swear. He eventually calmed down and after checks was given pain relief.

“A female paramedic asked her colleague to contact the police as she didn’t feel safe. “Morgan continued to be abusive and wanted to get out of the ambulance. Fearing an escalation, the female paramedic ushered him out and held the door closed.

“He shouted to her ‘you’ll go to court and I’ll find out your address’.”

Ms Gilmour continued: “He got into the front of the ambulance and began throwing oxygen tanks about, ripped out wires and damaged the computer system, and threw the computer to the ground.

“He threw clothing and gloves and other items of medical equipment around and grabbed the keys to the ambulance. He then picked up an oxygen cylinder and hurled it through the windscreen, which shattered.

“Police on arrival saw the accused walk towards them, he threw the keys to them, was shouting and was still in an aggressive state. They put him over the car and handcuffed him. Both paramedics were extremely upset, scared and terrorised. He had smashed up their ambulance, and while they were waiting for police to arrive they were forced to lock themselves in the back for their safety.”

Morgan was taken to Clydebank police office where he was cautioned and charged. He was taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where he was found to have a dislocated shoulder, as he had claimed earlier to paramedics. After treatment he was taken back to the police office.

Morgan’s lawyer said: “Clearly reports will be required given his record, or rather lack of record. He did have a dislocated shoulder and hospital records prove that.”

The lawyer then handed a letter from Morgan to Sheriff Simon Pender, for the sheriff to read as part of the mitigation before sentence.

The sheriff deferred sentence on Morgan until November 27 to obtain a full social background report and a report as to his suitability to be put on a tagging order. Bail was continued.