PARENTS have hit out at the closure of a “vital” after school service in Whitecrook.

The Barns Street facility, which is connected to Clydebank Family Centre, is due to close in February despite parents pleading with West Dunbartonshire Council to maintain the service.

A devastated dad, who asked not to be named, told the Post: “The parents whom I have spoken to are disgusted, not just with the way this closure is being dealt with but the fact the kids and parents have grown to feel comfortable over the years and have a very strong connection with [the staff] but we’re now losing a great after school care.

“The only option we have within the Whitecrook community is the private after school care, and I, personally, know the standard of service is completely different to that of the Clydebank Family Centre.

“They are not taking our feelings, especially our kids feelings into consideration at all which really upsets me. For my children, who have additional needs and have gone through this family centre for many years from nursery through to present day, I’m extremely concerned for their wellbeing.”

WDC insisted it had hoped to keep the service open but was forced to shut its doors due to “extremely low uptake”, with an average of just nine children in attendance.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said: “A review of the after school care highlighted extremely low uptake, with an average of nine children using the service daily.

“Unfortunately as a result the service will close at the end of February next year.

“Officers have met with staff to identify alternative employment opportunities within Educational Services and we have also met parents and carers many of whom have already secured alternative provision.”