RESIDENTS in a close in Dalmuir are being charged for the uplift of dog mess – despite the fact none of them are dog owners.

Complaints have been issued to Dalmuir Park Housing Association, who factor the property, and West Dunbartonshire Council’s environmental health team, due to an “out of control” dog fouling problem.

The mess that was lying for weeks but recently cleaned by the housing association, was so bad, one resident said he could not hang his washing out.

He told the Post: “It is not just a wee bit of dog fouling - it is a mess, its everywhere. I can’t hang out my washing. It’s disgusting, it is contagious and it’s out of control.

“I am paying factor fees to hang my washing out and I can’t.”

The bill for cleaning the mess was split between all property owners, whether they own a dog or not.

The resident added: “I think it is not fair on myself and all others who have to pay for a clean-up which was in no way anything to do with us.

“If we inform of dog fouling, we are having to pay which I think would make people refrain from reporting these incidents.”

A spokesman for Dalmuir Park Housing Association said: “A home owner contacted us reporting concerns on dog fouling in the shared back court.

“Unfortunately, the complainant could not identify the owners of the dogs that were allowing their pets to foul in an area that should be for the enjoyment of all residents.

“Whilst removing dog waste is not part of our maintenance service, as a responsible local factor we instructed contractors to uplift the mess and arrange for the backcourt to be cleaned.

“The costs for this will be billed to all property owners. On receipt of the complaint, we also immediately contacted West Dunbartonshire Council environmental health who have responsibility for enforcing action against dog owners including imposing fines.

“We believe council officers have visited and delivered letters to all occupiers of the three closes that share this back court reminding them of the law and the risk of a fixed penalty fine if the offender is identified.

“We will continue to support the owner and liaise with WDC enforcement officers as necessary to hopefully bring this unhygienic practice to an end.”

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council added: “We have issued letters to residents of the three blocks of flats which share this back court encouraging them to be good neighbours and do the right thing by picking up after their pets.

“We’ve taken the opportunity to remind residents that they risk a fine by failing to clean up after their dogs.”