Community leaders have appealed for help to ensure Drumchapel’s Bonfire Night is not plagued again by a “minority” causing trouble.

Winterfest, now in its 10th year, is set to go ahead on November 5 despite months of uncertainty after dozens of incidents last year terrorised residents and stretched police resources in nearby streets.

Politicians and police pushed to keep the formal fireworks display and have asked for the public’s help in reporting any trouble in the community - and even telling youths to knock it off beforehand.

Labour Councillor Paul Carey told the Post: “Winterfest has made a huge impact on the rogue bonfires throughout Drumchapel and the north-west of the city.

“However, the last couple of years have seen some anti-social behaviour happening after the event from a small number of youths.

“This anti-social behaviour is quite dangerous - it involves youths setting off fireworks in front of members of the public and police officers.

“This puts the Winterfest under threat so I am asking members of the public to report any of these kind of activities to the police.

“If this anti-social behaviour continues, it’s very much real that Winterfest will not be able to continue.”

SNP member Bailie Malcolm Balfour said: “This is a fantastic family night where all age groups enjoy a great feeling of being part of the community.

“I would ask that we as a community be vigilant and talk to anyone you think may be involved in the troubles that have taken place and to urge those involved not to repeat the actions of the past where people have had fireworks aimed at them and their property.”

Glasgow North West police local Area Commander Morag Lister told the Post: “We are determined that the minority of those individuals who have previously put my officers and the community at risk by their reckless and wilful misuse of fireworks will be dealt with robustly with a zero tolerance approach.

“I urge all parents to help us keep your children and loved ones safe this year by ensuring supervised and responsible use of fireworks.”