CONCERNS have been raised after a planning application to build a petrol station in Clydebank was submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council by Asda.

Residents are worried the proposed site for the petrol station and jet wash at Livingstone Street will cause traffic congestion.

One person told the council: “I strongly object to this application. I believe it would cause major road congestion to an already problematic roundabout. I don’t think we need a petrol station there. Linnvale people have enough problems getting out of [the] area.”

Another resident said: “I am concerned about the congestion that is already at the roundabout and feeder roads. The roundabout is far too small for the amount of traffic and tail backs sit on the roundabout at peak times.

“The layout going in and out of the retail park at the proposed site is very unclear and I have been witness to people driving in the wrong way and to many near misses when people are turning right onto Livingstone street.

“The garage would have its benefits but at an already busy area I would be interested to hear what the council have planned to address the road layout.”

But the plans have been welcomed by Damon Scott, chief executive of the Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce.

He told the Post: “There is a real lack of petrol stations in the Clydebank area, so this will fill an important gap in the market as well as creating new jobs. It will add to the current provision to strengthen the offer in the retail park and shopping centre and continue to create a critical mass, offering more reasons to visit, increasing dwell time and generating spend for other businesses.”

Council planning officers are expected to come to a decision in the coming weeks.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), have also expressed their concerns about the proposed petrol station.

In a letter to the council SEPA said they had no objection, but recommend the council consult the flood risk management officer as well as Scottish Water.

SEPA said: “It is noted that the site lies within the medium risk area, but we have no objection on flood risk management.”