A CLYDEBANK teenager recorded an inspiring video telling of his experience of dealing with his stammer.

Fraser Kerr created the video as part of the Scottish Stammering Network’s campaign #HearThePerson.

In the two-and-a-half minute video, Fraser explains he first found himself stammering in primary three.

The 14-year-old said: “It really got me down because I couldn’t talk to anybody. I wasn’t confident in class – I was bullied quite badly.

“I thought, I’m not going to change myself to suit them.

“If I was stammering bad I think that I’d like people to not notice it as much and just try to ignore it because that would make me feel less awkward.”

Fraser encouraged young stammerers to attend the network to meet others like themselves.

Clydebank MSP Gil Paterson met with Fraser’s mum, Alison Kerr, to support International Stammering Awareness Day, which took place on Monday (October 22).

Mr Paterson told the Post: “I’m really impressed by Fraser’s bravery in coming forward and telling his really inspiring story.

“Most of us will have come across someone in our lives who stammers, and it is so important to realise that stammering is a condition which can be managed but cannot be cured and the impact of living with a stammer can be immense and is made very much worse by some people’s attitude and responses to it.

“Stammering is not a joke, it’s not caused by nerves and it is not a measure of how clever someone is as can be seen by the fact that Isaac Newton had a stammer. People like Fraser do an invaluable job of raising awareness and dispelling the myths around stammering and I was pleased to congratulate him in a motion to the Scottish parliament.”