A CONTROVERSIAL rehab centre has opened its doors in Anniesland - despite residents taking to the street in protest of the move.

Phoenix Futures Residential Rehabilitation Centre moved from its home in Possil’s Keppochhill Road to the site of a former specialist dementia care home in Munro Court last month.

Bosses say the move has gone without incident and both staff and residents have now settled into their new accommodation.

A spokesman for the centre said: “We’re settling in, it’s still early days but it’s going well.”

News of the move caused outrage among the community who blasted the site’s former owners Bield for selling it on without consulting residents.

However, the centre - which deals with those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction - hoped the community would come to accept them in time.

It said: “We are keen to engage with residents and community representatives around Munro Court and we’ve started to do that. We are committed to being good neighbours.

“We don’t expect people to understand how we work, it is our responsibility to explain and communicate so people’s fears are allayed.”

Councillor Paul Carey had backed residents’ plight to stop the centre moving into the former care home, and he admits he still has some concerns.

He said: “There is still ongoing issues regarding Phoenix Futures moving into Munro Court.

“Some of my constituents have highlighted some of the issues. For example, finding syringes in some nearby lanes.

“This is not to say it came from the residents who are based in Munro Court. However, it does highlight the fact if anything goes wrong within that area, unfortunately, a certain element of the community are going to blame the residents who are based in Phoenix Futures.

“I still believe Munro Court is the wrong location for this facility which, is based in a retirement complex. However, I do believe this service is needed, but I think the way Phoenix Futures went about it by not consulting the community has just exasperated the situation.”