TAXI drivers have hit out at youngsters who are destroying their cabs by throwing stones from a railway bridge above their rank.

Youths are seen to be regularly throwing the “red stones”, used to decorate the side of Clydebank train station’s platform, off the bridge at members of the public, both in vehicles and on foot.

On Friday afternoon, taxi driver Craig McIntyre drove into the rank on Alexander Street and heard his roof being hit with a “barrage of stones”.

The 23-year-old made his way up to the platform where two youths were seen standing and told them he would contact the police if they continue to throw the stones.

A short time later, another bundle of stones was thrown, smashing the rear window of his taxi.

He made his way back up to the platform and the youths were boarding a train.

Mr McIntyre said: “This is the first time my window has been smashed but getting the stones thrown at taxis is almost a daily occurrence.

“I’ve missed two days of work, a busy Friday and Saturday so I’m not best pleased. I am frustrated and angry. It has caused my partner to be stressed because she is pregnant and I’ve lost quite a bit of money.

“The actions of these youths and the fear of being attacked is causing taxi drivers to stop using the rank – causing disruption to ScotRail customers and the people of Clydebank.”

At least four taxi drivers that Mr McIntyre knows of have requested ScotRail remove the stones, but no action has been taken.

Mr McIntyre added: “Over the past few months we have been subjected to these attacks. The stones look nice but all they do is provide the youths with ammunition.

“I’m severely disappointed in ScotRail not removing the stones despite several complaints. We provide a vital service for their customers getting off the trains.

“And they rely on us when their services are cancelled, which is quite a lot.”

After the incident being reported to station staff, Police Scotland and the British Transport Police (BTP), Mr McIntyre was left waiting for two and a half hours before taping up his window with bin bags and driving to Clydebank police station.

Marcin Rys, whose taxi is bashed and dented because of the issue, told the Post: “It is hard as it is being a taxi driver in Clydebank without somebody deliberately costing you hundreds of pounds worth of repair costs and lost earnings.

“Speaking politely to the youths won’t make a difference; they need to be dealt with by police.”

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “Vandalism and anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable, and we will work with BTP to bring those responsible to justice.”

A spokesperson for BTP added: “Initial enquires revealed that the damage to the vehicle occurred away from the station and the case was allocated to Police Scotland for further investigation.

“The driver was informed that Police Scotland would be investigating.”