A HEALTH and care committee has been told an “action plan” has been put in place to improve a Clydebank care home which was downgraded.

Mount Pleasant House was inspected on July 11 and said the residents they spoke to were very complimentary about staff and said they received help when they needed it.

But they also noted there were examples where staff did not always follow best practice guidelines or work consistently together, and that quality assurance systems were in place but not properly utilised.

The inspection awarded a three out of five for quality of care and support - an adequate grading. Quality of environment was not assessed, nor was the quality of staffing. But quality of management and leadership also received an adequate grading.

Health and Social Care Partnership audit committee heard last Wednesday there would be a plan put in place to avoid any further downgrading.

Bailie Denis Agnew told the committee: “The action plan they have come up with is very good.”

Councillor Marie McNair, vice-chair of the committee, added: “It is important it stops any further downgrade and the rating goes up.”

A report to the committee had stated: “Mount Pleasant currently sits as a high-risk service with increased inspectionactivity.”