A FACEBOOK group has been set up by a Clydebank bowler who is encouraging people to send in any pictures they have from clubs in the area, past and present.

David Fitzpatrick, 51, from Faifley, has started uploading his large collection of photos from Singer Bowling Club from as far back as 1921.

The project is only in its early stages but one member has already posted saying: “First photo I look at and my uncle Jimmy and aunty Mary Michie are there.”

Team photos, photos from competitions and events and pictures of old articles are being uploaded for everyone to access.

David wants other people to join in and share any old pictures they have from any of the past and present clubs from the public and private bowling greens within the Clydebank and District area.

He said: “Many clubs will have photos on their walls but what I am looking for are the photos that are in family albums at home or have been stored away in the loft.

“There is so much history regarding bowling clubs in the area which could well be lost as the years go by or clubs close, such as some of the public greens – Faifley and North Drumry.

“I know through researching my family tree that information and photos get lost over the years and it becomes more and more difficult to find, which is why I have started the group.”

David himself has played at Singer BC since 1997, which will be celebrating its centenary anniversary in 2021.

He has also spent time playing at Faifley, Whitecrook and Clydebank Indoor BC and has been collecting photos for more than 15 years.

David told the Post: “Many of the members that I enjoyed playing with are sadly no longer here.

“Back then, apart from a few, the rest were in their 70s and 80s and although it was seen as an old person sport, they welcomed many of the kids and gave them a chance to take up the game. It was good to see them again in old photos from years ago which brings back some great memories, but I know there are many more old pictures out there.”

To upload any photos you may have or to join the group search Old Photos of Bowling Clubs in the Clydebank and District area on Facebook or email dfbowling@yahoo.co.uk.