A CLYDEBANK schoolgirl will be featured on TV screens across the world as she is set to star in a new movie that is soon to be released on Netflix.

Fifteen-year-old Anna Coote, who attends St Peter the Apostle High, is playing a spirit child in the horror movie Malevolent that will be available worldwide tomorrow.

Excited friends will be joining Anna and her family to watch the “dark and chilling” movie at their home in Garshake.

Anna got the opportunity to work alongside famous names including Florence Pugh, Celia Imrie, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Scott Chambers.

She did five days of filming in two locations – Hunterston House in Ayrshire and a basement at Film City in Glasgow – and attended a class with a choreographer to learn how to move like a ghost for her role.

Anna, a fourth-year pupil at St Peter’s, said: “Working alongside famous people was a really good experience. It was quite nerve wracking at first, but they were all very welcoming.”

Although this is Anna’s first big role, she has previously appeared in the BBC’s One of Us.

After filming for the TV drama, the casting director asked Anna to audition for Malevolent.

She completed three auditions – hula hooping while saying the alphabet at one – and was informed after five weeks that she had the part.

Anna, who has always wanted to perform, attended the Dance OFF Academy from the age of two until she was 13, when she joined the UK Theatre School in Glasgow, where she attends two nights a week and does a ballet class on Saturdays.

Speaking about being in the movie, Anna said: “My favourite part was getting the make-up done because it was really interesting, and it didn’t even take too long.

“I had prosthetics around my mouth area, and thread to look like stitches. It looked really scary.”

Tracie Coote, Anna’s mum, said she and dad George are so proud, adding: “There was a lot of crew around when filming and it was really quite daunting.

“She was treated like a celebrity and worked closely with the rest of cast, who were very supportive when she was filming.

“We hope the exposure of being in the movie might attract interest with other casting directors, but the focus is also her school exams.”

Anna also got the opportunity to meet the author behind the book Hush, which the movie was based on and attended a screening of the film at Glasgow Film Theatre along with her drama teacher and everyone involved with the movie.