A STRETCH of the Great Western Road in Clydebank will be closed again from Monday, October 8 for five days.

Scottish Water has advised road users that a short stretch on the outside lane of the west-bound carriageway near to the Drumry roundabout will not be in use.

This is to enable investigation work to be carried out on the site to help determine the best solution for a permanent repair and future investment on an 84 year-old sewer which collapsed recently.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We apologise for any inconvenience and thank affected road users in advance for their patience and understanding.”

The Post previously reported on the same sewer in August after it collapsed, causing a tree to fall into the void.

That then led to sub-soil and debris washing downstream and choking a sewer connection.

The road was closed for temporary repair works for a month and now a permanent solution is being sought by water bosses.

A spokesman for Scottish Water at the time said: “This is one of the most complex jobs of this kind that we can remember.

“We don’t usually deal with anything as deep and we are working at the limit of what our equipment can deal with.

“The scale and nature of this work means that the road traffic management is necessary to protect road users and workers and enable vehicular access to the site.

“But we are continuing to do everything we can to complete this work.”