A NEW Uber-style cab firm is set to begin trading in and around the Clydebank area, following a decision by licensing bosses.

AppsGo, run by businessman Younglin Pan, was given permission to operate for 12 months from its hub in Glasgow.

The firm, formerly known as Scott Taxi Ltd, was told in April that because of Glasgow rules prohibiting private firms from using ‘taxi’ in their names, it could not trade.

After its name change, however, the new app-based firm was finally able to convince city chiefs that it is credible.

Like Uber, the firm will operate an app-based model where customers can search for a cab and will be able to see who is picking them up on their phone.

Members of the committee raised concerns about data protection and whether police and enforcement officers would be able to access files when needed.

Shiraz Ahmed, the agent working on behalf of the company, said: “The information will be stored by another company. It will only be accessed when required by Police Scotland or the council’s enforcement team.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Until it goes live we’ll not see the proof about whether the security measures are in place.

“We couldn’t say we are fully comfortable until it goes live.”

Members of the committee granted the booking office licence for a restricted period of one year.