AN area care home has been downgraded and said to be “high risk” in a report to be tabled this week.

Mount Pleasant House was inspected on July 11 and said the residents they spoke to were very complimentary about staff and said they received help when they needed it.

But they also noted there were examples where staff did not always follow best practice guidelines or work consistently together, and that quality assurance systems were in place but not properly utilised.

The inspection awarded a three out of five for quality of care and support - an adequate grading. Quality of environment was not assessed, nor was the quality of staffing. But quality of management and leadership also received an adequate grading.

In a report on the facility, in Old Kilpatrick, West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) audit committee this week will be told: “The provider must ensure that all care plans and related documentation is accurate, up-to-date, signed and dated, and reflective of the care needs and outcomes to be achieved for each resident.

“The need to repeat this requirement has resulted in reduced grading for this inspection.

“Mount Pleasant House grading has been reduced due to failure to meet previous requirements and recommendations relating to care and support planning.

“Mount Pleasant currently sits as a high-risk service with increased inspection activity.”

The July inspection noted staff had detailed knowledge about each resident and interaction between staff and residents was warm and respectful. The service offered staff an array of training opportunities.

The committee will be told the centre has been unable to sustain the necessary changes and maintain improved grades.

The report adds: “To ensure ongoing progress for this service a longer term action plan and full review of the care team skills and knowledge is required.”