A PROBE into concerns about fire safety systems in schools and community centres still isn’t finished nearly six months on.

The Post exposed hundreds of safety violations in April including alarms and detectors dangling from walls, exposed wiring and incomplete evacuation notices.

Concerns were first raised in November 2017 and the audit committee in March 2018 was told it was “not about the safety issue”.

But a whistleblower approached the Post with in-depth reports prepared into 33 West Dunbartonshire buildings, most of them schools but also community centres and libraries.

The surveys had been buried within the council, hidden from councillors and even head teachers of the schools.

The whistleblower has gone silent since their initial leak.

Council bosses in April insisted buildings were safe and the reports were part of a “procurement exercise”.

This week’s audit committee will also hear that a plan to raise awareness of the council’s whistleblowing policy will start in coming weeks so staff can raise concerns.

The report brings renewed attention to the issue in a report summarising internal audit investigations and public interest disclosures for the first six months of 2018.

On the fire alarm concerns, the report states: “Further allegations were received on this matter on April 5, 2018 which required to be investigated. Investigations are being finalised.”

The Post asked the council if there were any updates on the safety of the alarm systems and whether the final report would be public.

A spokeswoman replied, only: “The report is still being finalised and it would be inappropriate to comment at this stage.”

Our whistleblower, speaking after the first reports were published by the Post, said the rest of the council’s building portfolio should have similar in-depth reports and staff were glad these were in the open.

They said: “That’s just the ones with the in depth surveys, what’s the rest of the portfolio like?

“Some members of staff were unaware of these reports and are thankful that they have been brought to light. Other staff members that were aware of these feel the pressure is off and want these issues dealt with in an open and quick manner.”