WEST Dunbartonshire’s two Tory councillors have filled almost two thirds of available positions on committees and other bodies.

Last week’s council meeting heard how there were still vacancies on the groups, and the SNP-led administration called for opposition councillors to take up their roles in scrutiny and decision making.

Labour countered that they had filled their allocation and would not take further ones from the Conservatives or Community Party.

But council leader Jonathan McColl, who noted he may oppose Tory policies, said their two local members – councillors Brian Walker and Sally Page – had taken up seats on nearly two thirds of council committees.

He said: “I think the Tories are making a phenomenal effort to represent those who elected them. There are others who don’t sit on any of the committees.”

There is one vacancy on each of the educational services committee, joint consultative forum and local negotiating committee for teachers.

There are also single substitute posts on each of the community planning board, Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute Valuation Joint Board, and Knowes Housing Association management committee.

A total of 13 councillors – 11 SNP and both Tories – voted for the administration position while seven Labour councillors backed theirs. 

Councillor Jim Bollan, the only Community Party member, abstained.